About Our Treats

All Natural, Homemade, Oven-Baked Goodness for Your Pets
Critter Crunchies All treats are homemade and oven baked to order. Orders will be ready for shipment within 1-3 days. Please contact your veterinarian before feeding if your pet is on a special diet or has potential food allergies. I would be happy to help you find the right treat or possibly create it for you! Send special requests, contact information, along with dietary requirements to: inquiry@crittercrunchies.org.

These products are intended as treats only. This is not a complete diet and not intended for human consumption. Treats should make up no more than 5-10% of your pets diet - the rest should come from a nutritionally complete pet food.

If you notice any digestive upset as a result of adding new foods, be sure to discontinue giving foods that are causing trouble.

All recipes are made using only all-natural ingredients such as (but not limited to): whole wheat flour, oats, coconut flour, brown rice flour, flax meal, molasses, pumpkin, carrots, unsweetened applesauce, apples, carrots, bananas, peanut butter (w/NO Xylitol), salmon (in water), tuna (in water), coconut oil, farm fresh eggs, beef broth (sodium free), cheese, cinnamon, and vanilla.

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Critter Crunchies Please remember that these treats are all-natural, oven baked, and contain NO preservatives. All treats should be kept in an air tight container and best if kept in the refrigerator (they will keep approximately 2 weeks). You can freeze up to 6 months (thaw before feeding). If left out at room temperature please keep in an air-tight container and feed within 7-10 days and/or monitor for freshness.

Just like "real" cookies they do not last forever and will spoil. Purchase quantities that your pet can consume in a timely fashion or freeze. Packaging is sufficient for storage as long as bag is securely closed between feedings.

Bonnie, Baker & Owner