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Baker & Owner of Critter Crunchies
Bonnie Mitchell-Ansell Welcome! I have been baking homemade treats for my own pets for several years. My current furry/feathered family members consist of my three dogs (Willie, Sophie & Gunner), two cats (Marvin & Snowball), five goats (Norman, Carl, Quincy, Chevy, & Harley), and about twenty free range chickens.

I have been employed in the animal care field for 28+ years. When I am not at home tending to the "farm" or baking, I work at a local veterinarian hospital.

I began baking homemade treats for my own pets in search of a healthier, lower calorie option. I have since been baking for family and friends and added other treat options for their pets' dietary concerns. Living out in the country with my critters and other animal-loving friends, I experimented with horse and goat treats which is how the Molasses Bites option became a hit. The ponies enjoyed the addition of peppermint to those treats.

I have been selling my treats to family and friends and at local events and the demand for Critter Crunchies is growing so we created this website. I hope you enjoy reading about the treats as much as I enjoy baking them! I appreciate your order and know that your pets will enjoy their special treats!

Bonnie, Baker & Owner


A Few of Bonnie's Pets

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